All About Diptyque

All About Diptyque Candles!

Diptyque candles are always a favorite in store and online for us here at Scents & Sprays. So, we figured they deserved to be highlighted in our Blog today.

What makes Diptyque special? Is it the unique scents unlike any other? The hand crafting that goes into each and every product they create? Or perhaps the elegant design elements that date back to the beginning of the company?

The answer is all of these things. All of this and more represents why Diptyque is the height of luxury home fragrance. Since opening in 1961, they have continually operated by the same standard. The company has never been about profit or wealth, but the desire to bring the fragrances from their many travels into the homes of thousands. Who knew the first three Diptyque candles, Thé, Aubepine, and Canelle, would lead to one of the most successful luxury candle retailers on the market.

Each Diptyque candle is special, mostly due to the fact that each scent comes from years of thought and ingredients found in the actual elements. Diptyque extracts the fragrances for their products themselves, instead of buying traditional oils. Each candle is hand poured and the wick is straightened by hand.

The personal touch is clear when you receive the elegant box in your home. The next time you receive your favorite Diptyque scent, make sure and analyze the care that went into creating it.

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