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Brand of the Day: Aquiesse

Aquiesse Candles

Aquiesse is a line we love for a number of reasons: every product they come out with is beautifully packaged and has a unique scent that can’t be easily duplicated.

Let’s talk about the packaging first. Each box has an embossed cream covering: proof they don’t cut corners when it comes to appearance. Once you open the box and see the product, there is further proof of their dedication to brand image. The glass is thick cut, tinted, and bears a medallion with the brand symbol on it. Aquiesse offers the look of an extremely expensive candle at a reasonable price.

The candles themselves are beautifully scented, and the soy blend wax they use guarantees a long, even burn. Whatever size you choose, Aquiesse candles are unique because instead of simple fragrances, such as “Jasmine” or “Currant”, each candle is created with a complex blend of scents. So, instead of a candle containing only jasmine, we get Moonlit Petals, a perfect mix of jasmine, gardenia, and musk. That’s definitely more appealing to me.

From top to bottom, Aquiesse is a brand that we stand by. Beautiful packaging to accommodate equally beautiful scents. Tell us about your favorite Aquiesse fragrance!

Friday is here

Friday’s are the perfect days for outings to the park and lunch with old friends. Are you stuck in the office while everyone else is out doing these things? Yeah, us too. Want some of the sunshine stuck inside with you? We are here to help!

Some places are not okay with burning a candle in the office. “But boss, why?? I know I have papers all over my desk and it’s an extreme fire hazard, but I need my candles!!” Not to worry, I’ve come up with a few products perfect for just that occasion.

If it’s a candle you’re set on, Candle Warmers are a great way to release the scent without having to risk burning the office down. The candle warmers we sell all light the candles from the top, so the candle melts exactly as it normally would. Plus, they come in quite a few styles, so you can probably find one to match your decor as well!

Another great alternative is, of course, diffusers. Sunflower by Aquiesse comes in beautiful hand-blown glass that looks great and makes even the smallest of office spaces seem like a field full of sunshine. Also, as long as you take care of the diffuser properly (see the blog focused on diffusers), it should give you quite a few months of wonderful scent.

Currently, my office space is fragranced by Archipelago’s White Fig diffuser. We want to know how you scent your office space. Feel free to comment and let us know!

Happy Birthday to You!

There is nothing worse then forgetting a close friend or family member’s birthday, except maybe having your birthday forgotten. One or the other is bound to happen to you eventually. With busy work schedules, kids, school, and a million other to-dos, sometimes we forget those little important things.

Because I have forgotten a few birthdays over time, I have input reminders in my phone. About a week prior to their birthday, I get a little alarm buzz and a message reminding me that it’s coming up. This gives me just enough time to pick up something special.

But what happens when you don’t quite know what to get someone? You remembered, check, you acknowledged, check, but you still want to get them a nice gift to show you care. One of the things I fall back on in those moments is Luxe Linen by Aquiesse. This is their best seller, and the fragrance is a nice, clean mixture. When you really aren’t sure what scent a person likes, clean fragrances are always a great way to go.

Another great idea, when you absolutely can’t decide what they might like, is to go with a gift certificate. It can be used for anything on our site, and can be emailed directly to the person you are getting it for. So, if you tend to do things last minute, you can buy it and they can receive it on the same day.

Whatever it is you choose to do, keep an eye on the calendar and don’t forget to make someone feel special!