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Happy Birthday to You!

There is nothing worse then forgetting a close friend or family member’s birthday, except maybe having your birthday forgotten. One or the other is bound to happen to you eventually. With busy work schedules, kids, school, and a million other to-dos, sometimes we forget those little important things.

Because I have forgotten a few birthdays over time, I have input reminders in my phone. About a week prior to their birthday, I get a little alarm buzz and a message reminding me that it’s coming up. This gives me just enough time to pick up something special.

But what happens when you don’t quite know what to get someone? You remembered, check, you acknowledged, check, but you still want to get them a nice gift to show you care. One of the things I fall back on in those moments is Luxe Linen by Aquiesse. This is their best seller, and the fragrance is a nice, clean mixture. When you really aren’t sure what scent a person likes, clean fragrances are always a great way to go.

Another great idea, when you absolutely can’t decide what they might like, is to go with a gift certificate. It can be used for anything on our site, and can be emailed directly to the person you are getting it for. So, if you tend to do things last minute, you can buy it and they can receive it on the same day.

Whatever it is you choose to do, keep an eye on the calendar and don’t forget to make someone feel special!