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What’s the deal with diffusers?

Diffuser Day!

There are tons of diffusers on the market, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what makes a good one. Our goal is to provide only the best products for our customers. Many of the cheaper diffusers are made with a large amount of alcohol and very little fragrance oils. These types of diffusers are really only good for those people that want to stand with their nose directly above the reeds at the perfect angle to enjoy the fragrance.

For the rest of us (or all of us I would hope), we want a diffuser with a little more to it. Currently I have a diffuser in my kitchen (Votivo Clean Crisp White, to be exact), and when guests come in they not only notice it immediately but, knowing where I work, they want to know what candle it is. Most of the time, when I mention it is a diffuser they look at me like I must be kidding. This is because they have never tried a quality diffuser. What better way to sell my guests on our products!

Now, I know you are dying to leave this blog and purchase your favorite candle in diffuser form, but stick with me and you will learn how to make your diffuser last as long as possible.

Each diffuser we sell comes with the fragrance oils, a set of reeds, and the glass container. When your diffuser is first set up, put the reeds in the oil for about 5 minutes, and then flip them over. You will want to continue to flip the reeds about once a week or so. If you don’t, the oils can clog the reeds, and they will stop releasing the fragrance into the air. If you find a few months in that you are flipping the reeds, but the fragrance just isn’t as strong as before, try getting a set of replacement reeds. It’s commonly mistaken that once the oils get low there is no fragrance left. This is definitely not the case. As long as there are oils in the glass, you should be able to smell them!

Once you do run out of oils, sadly this is inevitable, many of our brands sell convenient refills. These have the same amount of oils, with a set of replacement reeds. The refills are perfect because you can stick with the same scent you love, or clean out the glass and try something completely new without having to buy a whole new diffuser!

Discussion for the day: Your favorite diffuser!