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Everything you wanted to know about candles.

How to burn a candle properly.

We often have customers asking us how to get the longest, cleanest burn out of their candles. First off, quality candles are necessary for a clean burn. At Scents & Sprays, we only carry candle lines that we have personally tried and looked into, so we insure they offer a quality product we can sell.

Once you know you have a good candle, there are still a few vital steps:

1. Wick Trimming.

Wick Trimming is key to reducing smoke and creating an even burn. If the wick is too long, you will have more soot and the candle won’t burn evenly. The ideal length for a wick is ¼ inch. The best way to trim the wick is with a wick trimmer. CleanCut Wick Snippers have a convenient “dish” shape to the blades, perfect to catch the cut piece instead of it falling into the wax.

2. Re-coating the wick in wax.

When you first receive a candle, the wick is coated in wax. After the first burn, you have burned off that wax. So the next time you burn it, what happens? You are burning the actual wick, creating soot and smoke. Since that’s the last thing any candle burner wants to happen, it’s important that after the candle has been burned once, you dip the wick into the wax, re coating it for the next burn. The perfect tool to make this an easy process is the CleanCut wick dipper (plus it comes in four colors with jewels and a medallion).

3. Enjoying the amazing, clean burn of your candles.

Yup, that’s the last step. You’ve got a quality candle in your favorite fragrance (personally, I’m a huge fan of anything Pomegranate), your wicks are the right length and they are constantly being coated with wax. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your candle the way it was meant to be enjoyed!