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New Trapp Fragrances!

If you have been to our site lately (Or even our Facebook or Twitter pages), you may have noticed a lot of talk about the three new Trapp fragrances. These candles are the new Spring 2011 scents created by Trapp. With a floral, fruity, and woody candle, there is something to offer everyone in these great new candles! So let’s break down the amazing quality of each one.

Pure Peony, Yuzu & Bonsai, Quince & Pomegranate

Pure Peony : It’s been awhile since I have smelled a Peony scent that I enjoyed this much. If you love light floral scents, you will be a huge fan of this one. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of floral fragrances. Pure Peony, however, is definitely an exception. When burned, this candle creates an exotic aroma you need to smell to enjoy.

Yuzu & Bonsai : A very interesting addition to the Trapp line. Yuzu is a fruit in the citrus family, creating a nice lemon base to the fragrance. The bonsai adds a green touch, making you think of a large citrus tree. The entire candle makes me picture a field full of trees with ripe, citrus fruit ready to be enjoyed.

Quince & Pomegranate : A very fruity blend perfect for the warm time of year. The perfect mixture of tart and sweet fragrances, Quince & Pomegranate is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

We hope you enjoy these new Trapp fragrances as much as we do. With three sizes to choose from, we are sure you will find something you love!

Is it wedding season already?

Spring is almost upon us, and one thing that Spring is sure to be full of: weddings. Whether you are the lucky bride or groom, a happy guest, or an unhappy guest even, we have something to make the occasion that much more special.

As a guest, are you having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for the lucky couple? One thing many of our customer’s have bought in the past is the Archipelago Monogram line. The box is gift ready, with an elegant jewel to top it off, and it’s a great way to acknowledge the new last name for the bride.

As the bride, gifts for the guests can be a very stressful checklist item. Trapp Water Votives are great as gifts, and they are also great to use in the centerpieces to create the perfect wedding scent. In fact, the owners of Scents & Sprays used them at their wedding!

Whether you are attending the ceremony or joining in marriage, Scents & Sprays is here to help with all of your wedding needs!

Do you have a great wedding story? Feel free to share it!

Welcome to the Scents & Sprays Blog!

Why does Scents & Sprays need a blog you might ask? With Spring coming up, there are so many amazing new fragrances to try out that we needed more then one way to show everyone how much we love them!

One thing we have noticed over time is that every Christmas we can’t stop smelling the Christmas tree and pumpkin scents. As soon as January hits and the Christmas buzz has died out, those scents aren’t quite as alluring as they were before. But pick up a nice floral or citrus candle, and they are starting to smell very appealing.

Let’s face it: Once the new year hits, department stores are bringing swimsuits back to the forefront and everyone is already getting ready for Spring. So this year, it might be cold and depressing outside, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel that way inside! Try out Illume Gardenia or Trapp Lemongrass Verbena. Trust us, you will walk into a home that feels like Spring is on it’s way.

Keep an eye out for future blogs, and please feel free to comment on your own favorite Spring scent!