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Welcome to the Scents & Sprays Blog!

Why does Scents & Sprays need a blog you might ask? With Spring coming up, there are so many amazing new fragrances to try out that we needed more then one way to show everyone how much we love them!

One thing we have noticed over time is that every Christmas we can’t stop smelling the Christmas tree and pumpkin scents. As soon as January hits and the Christmas buzz has died out, those scents aren’t quite as alluring as they were before. But pick up a nice floral or citrus candle, and they are starting to smell very appealing.

Let’s face it: Once the new year hits, department stores are bringing swimsuits back to the forefront and everyone is already getting ready for Spring. So this year, it might be cold and depressing outside, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel that way inside! Try out Illume Gardenia or Trapp Lemongrass Verbena. Trust us, you will walk into a home that feels like Spring is on it’s way.

Keep an eye out for future blogs, and please feel free to comment on your own favorite Spring scent!